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House Dust Mite Control

Product Code: FMH01

Home/office use!!!
Relieve your family from asthma and    allergy symptoms!!


Hot, Hot, Hot!!!

High-intensity ultrasonic technology


Reduces asthma and allergy symptoms

Reduces allergens produced by mites

Reduces dust mite population



Easy to use

Safe for humans & pets

Scientifically and clinically proven
   - Reduction in allergens (faeces) caused      by the disruption of the feeding cycle
   - Dust mite population greatly decreases
   - Reduction of drug intake
   - Helps prevent allergies

Master Pest Repeller

Product Code: FP003

Domestic, commercial & industrial use
Protect your house against Rats, Mice,    Bats, Roaches, Ants, Fleas, Ticks,    Spiders, Beetles, Mites, Moths,    Waterbugs, Silverfish, Crickets,                and most crawling insects.


Hot, Hot, Hot!!!

High-intensity ultrasound


Turbulent mixing ultrasonic storms


Digitally processed deep wall    electromagnetic repelling.


Power concentration  technology


Dual anti pests' resisting technology


Chemical free

Harmless to humans 

Adjustable settings

Just plug it in 

With speaker indicators 

With test button

Infrared Animal Repeller

product Code: FGA01

Weatherproof & Outdoor Use!!!
Effectively protect your garden against    cats, dogs, rabbits and coons etc.


Hot, Hot, Hot!!!

Advanced infrared detecting technology


High-precision and high intensity        ultrasonic technology


Specially designed due to the biological    feature of cats and dogs


With speaker indicator

With test button

Wall or ground mount
Easy to use