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What dustmites are?

Where dust mites are found?

Health problems associated with dust mites.

Decreasing exposure to dust mites.

What can Electronic Dust Mite Controllers do?


Electronic Device against Mite Allergy Scientific Documentation (Download...)

House Dust Mite Control
code: FMH01

* Home/office use
* Installation: wall or ceiling mount
* Protection volume: 110กใ arc, 12m
* Power input: 9V/200mA adaptor
* Power consumption: <2W
Portable Dust Mite Control
code: FMP02

* Personal/small area use
* Hanging or adhesive installation
* Protection area: 90กใ arc, up to 4.5m
* Power: battery inside
* Life span: approx 12 months
Automobile Dust Mise Control
code: FMA02

* Automobile use
* Installation: automobile ceiling mount
* Protection area: 100กใ arc, up to 6m
* Power: battery inside
* Life span: approx 12 months