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Portable Dust Mite Control

Product Code: FMP02
 Ideal for personal/office/small area use
 Relieve your family from asthma and allergy symptoms!



~ Drug-free

~ Easy to use

~ Safe for humans & pets

~ Reduces allergens produced by dust mites         
~ Reduces dust mite population
~ Reduces asthma and allergy symptoms

~ Reduction of drug intake 



Health Problems Associated with Dust Mites

Dust mites are living, spider-like microscopic insects that can travel through the air and are too small to be seen. They feed off dead skin cells from humans and animals as well as mold spores, so they are almost everywhere. Just in a single bed, there approximately live 2 million dust mites. One dust mite can live between 2-4 months and each female produces 20-50 eggs.


Approximately 25% of the world's population are affected by allergic disorders most of which are caused by allergens. Humans are most susceptible to inhaling the dust mite allergens while sleeping because of the long amount of time spent in bed and the close proximity to mites in bed linens.

Dust mites are the number one producer of indoor allergens. The allergens shed by the dust mites are chemicals called glycoproteins, which came from dried body parts and feces. Every single day just one dust mite produces about 20 of these droppings. Over a lifetime, a dust mite produces 200 times its body weight in fecal droppings.


Uncontrolled environments can cause exposure to allergens and can lead to the development of
   - asthma(cough and other respiratory problems)
   - dermatitis(skin allergy problems, such as rash and itching)
   - rhinitis(running nose and sneezing)
   - conjunctivitis(eye irritation)
   - eczema
   - others
Especially, one in every three children is in some way allergic to dust mite allergens.


How Does It Work

It produces complicated ultrasonic waves that act directly and immediately on the mites exerting, as it were, an action in the nature of a disturbance.

The waves act on dust mites' fecal matter, deactivating it and transforming it into allergenically inert matter. At the same time, they also act on the dust mites' reproductive/growth cycle, bring about a reduction in the quantity of mites in the environment including beds, pillows, mattresses, curtains, carpets etc.

Therefore, there is a significant abatement in the rhinitis and asthma symptoms etc suffered by patients allergic to dust mites and their fecal matter.


How to Use

For maximum effectiveness
   - Vacuum the surrounding area to reduce dust.
   - Hang or adhere this device against wall with the speaker toward the area you want to protect.


Research Findings & Clinical Trials Evidence

 - Trials on patients using ultrasonic dust mite controllers over 3 months showed a 28% reduction of days with symptoms and an overall decrease in drug intake of 22%.
 - Trial on the effectiveness of Ultrasonic Dust Mite Controllers vs Chemical Acaricide showed that both achieved a similar result in controlling dust mite populations in houses.
 - A Double Blind Placebo controlled trial showed that, after 4 months, a significant reduction in symptoms of Rhinorrea, Nocturnal Cough, Nasal Obstructions & Sneezing, was evident in the group of 20 people aged between 4 - 15.5 years old, using Ultrasonic Dust Mite Controllers. * For maximum effectiveness


Brief Specifications

Protection volume:  90 degree arc, up to 4.5m
Power: battery inside (Pull out the tab to activate)
Life span: approx 12 months
Weight: approx 17g
Dimension: 6.7x4.2x1.5cm
Installation: hanging or adhesive mount