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Cute Pest Repeller 

Product Code: FPC02
 Domestic use
 Protect your room against Rats, Mice, Bats, Roaches, Ants, Fleas, Ticks, Spiders, Beetles, Mites, Moths, Waterbugs, Silverfish, Crickets, and most crawling insects! 



 ~ Just plug it in

 ~ Chemical free           

 ~ Harmless to humans

 ~ One per average room
 ~ Ultrosonic

 ~ Sweeping frequency 


Things to Remember

1. Ultrasonic waves cannot pass through solid objects or bend around corners.
2. For larger rooms, use extra repellers or advanced repellers.
3. Repelling takes time. Time taken for results can vary between 1 to 6 weeks.
4. Do not use near rodent pets, rabbits and bats.
5. Do not put food or animal feed in open space.


Brief Specifications

Weight: 53g
Size: 80mmX65mmX42mm (the length of plug excluded)
Rated frequency: 28KHz-60KHz
DB rating: 100dB
Coverage: 80 s.q.m
Power consumption: < 1W      
Power input: AC85-135V or AC185-265V(see back of unit) / 50-60Hz