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Mini Air Purifier

Product Code: AP-M01
 Idea for automobiles, working places, bathrooms, closets, and refrigerators...
 Remove odors, purify air, physiological rejuvenate and preserve food longer! 



Easy to use
Negative ion cleanse:
     - Remove airborne contaminations
     - Kill bacteria and viruses by contact
     - Rejuvenate by interacting with physiological systems
O3 cleanse :
     - Remove odors
     - Preserve food longer 
     - Refresh/purify air by oxidizing pollutants
     - Sterilize bacteria, mildew, spores and viruses
Idea for automobiles, refrigerators, closets, bathrooms & working place
Powered by either batteries or adaptors


How Dose It Work

Negative ions and ozone are nature's most powerful air-cleansing agents. There is nothing in the world more effective in taking allergens and contaminates out of the air we breathe. Unfortunately, due to the tight construction of today's homes and buildings, they are unable to take effect within indoor environments.
Negative ions and ozone are created by nature, and found at their most optimal levels where the air is most pure and healthy. These places typically include up in the mountains, near waterfalls, where lightning has just occured, in open meadows away from "the city", and the ocean shore by the crashing waves.
Negative Ion Purifying & Cleansing
Negative ions are electrically-charged particles in the air that remove airborne contaminates from the air we breathe, and have a rejuvenating effect when interacting with physiological systems (such as the respiratory system).
Have you ever noticed that how refreshing the air is when you are in the mountains, or by a waterfall? Or how revitalized you feel?
The explanation for this is that there are usually at least 2,000 negative ions per cubic centimeter (which is optimal) in these environments. On the other hand, there are only a couple hundred negative ions per cubic cm. in the typical indoor environment.
Most floating contaminates and allergens are positively charged, and of course, negative ions are negatively charged. In environments where high densities of negative ions exist, they are able to reverse the charge of floating contaminates to a negative charge. This results in a magnetic attraction among the floating pollutants in the air, causing them to aggregate, or clump together. As a result, they become too heavy to remain floating in the air, and fall harmlessly to the ground, where they cannot find their way into your respiratory tract.
Studies also suggest that negative ions have a biological effect on bacteria and viruses, killing them on contact in many cases.
O3 Purifying & Cleansing
O3 molecules are converted from oxygen as a result of an electrical charge, such as that provided by lightning, or an O3 air purifier. They are highly reactive, so they interact with most contaminates and allergens it encounter.
As the element with the second highest oxidation potential (next to flourine), one oxygen atom of O3 molecules is easy to split off. The split oxygen atom will oxidize and destroy the pollutant through oxidation, leaving behind breathable oxygen and purified air.
Facts and Applications of Negative Ion and O3

Negative Ion Facts
- Approved by the U.S. FDA (Food & Drug Admin.) as an approved allergy treatment.
- Ionization is mandatory in many European and Russian Hospitals.
- In March of 1999, Good Housekeeping Magazine had its engineers test an ionizer by using a smoke test, and found that it cleared out the smoke in a tank.
- A recent study by the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture found that ionizing a room led to 52% less dust in the air, and 95% less bacteria in the air.
- Sleep aide.
- Help prevent migraine headaches.
- Improve asthma and other respiratory conditions.
- Reduce and/or destroy bacteria, viruses and other microbes
- Help combat fatigue.
- Enhance physical performance.
- Enhance mental performance and concentration.

Typical Applications of Ozone include:
- Purification of drinking water
- Hospital labs and operating rooms
- Cafeterias
- Deodorization of air in inhabited places
- Food and plant preservation
- Treatment of industrial liquid waste
Brief Specifications

Power consumption: <6W
Power input: 4 x AA alkaline batteries, or 9V/200mA adaptors
Negative ion concentration: 300ppm
O3 concentration: About 4.0ppm (operates 30 minutes inside a 40L closed container)